The Lost Dream

Picture it and write


Last night I dreamed an important, wonderful event would be happening. Very soon. I saw the music, heard the colours, smelt the odours of imminent universal change. I entered another dimension located in the near future. My dream took me to a new frontier of universal happiness and a melding of all things corporeal, into a plane of pure being that is unattainable to the present pattern of being.
The virus that is infecting humanity holds the human race in a vice-like grasp. My dream gave the answers and the keys to unlocking the secrets of how to remove and destroy this block to our future growth.
When I awoke and came to, in this present dimension, I felt the peace and contentment flooding through my dream had been rudely ripped from my memory by the virus that infects us all.
I feel the heights and the withdrawal from this experience mirrored in my face as I struggle to revive the memory of my incredible dream.

By John Yeo  © All rights reserved

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Robert Brewer’s ~Wednesday Poetry Prompt

For today’s prompt, write an excited poem. Of course, I’m a bit excited about the upcoming challenge–in a good way. But excited can manifest itself in plenty of other ways as well, including feeling sick, scared, or upset. One of my favorite “excitable” characters is Barney Fife from the Andy Griffith Show.



I know the answer to my expectation

will be coming soon

I have had my fill in my imagination

I can hardly wait but still.

My sleeplessness adds to my inspiration,

My pulse is racing, veins afire

Feelings impossible to control.

I have honed my dream to perfection.

My mind is racing, my feeling delighted

I have never felt so sure and excited.


The doorbell sounds, a package arrives

My heart beats fast as I sign the note

 Anticlimax follows with the realisation

I have another sad letter of rejection.


Copyright ©  Poem by John Yeo


All rights reserved.

ermilia Picture it and write

ermilia Picture it and write

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My hands were stroking and caressing the glass~Outside the trees and freedom beckoned, the sun had shone earlier this morning but I was unable to experience the purity and warmth of the sun kissed air. I could see the warm breeze ruffling and swaying the leaves on the trees through the glass of our window pane.

Confined to this room since the men with powerful guns arrived and placed everyone under curfew. We are told this is for our own safety and to allow for a thorough extermination of the enemies of the invaders who come to kill and steal our lands and lives. I watch the free birds soaring and swirling in the sky, a spider crawls across the glass looking for food. Perhaps the curfew will be lifted soon and we will be able to find food for ourselves. When the danger is passed we will not be shot if we open our door. Nature continues to thrive and kill to survive.

By John Yeo (c)~~ 25th March 2014


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Robert brewers Wednesday Poetry prompt

Write a poem from the perspective of the inside another person’s skin~~

If I just grab the side of this wall

l should  be able to get along the way

I can smell a strong smell of fish and chips

I have been here before, past the market stall

There is a crossing coming up on the corner

The roar of the passing traffic is deafening,

The stick I carry will find the edge of the curb.

I find the help I get from others strengthening.

A stick of white is like carrying a light.

Picture and Write~A Drop in the Ocean

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 The sky was blue as we boarded our flight, to the other side of existence. The vehicle was very odd, shaped like a fish with wings for scales and fins on the tail. An aerodynamic curiosity indeed, I thought I was in a  dream that would never end. 

  I was introduced to the assessors of a life that had been lived to the full in a very privileged society.  We drifted over the life-filled ocean on another plane of thought lines. I was allowed to say my piece before the ultimate decision, was determined

My life flashed before me as I fell head-first  back to the  sea from whence all life originated. Ejected from the  plane of one existence to another. All memory was erased in that one-act of remembrance.

Future  was informed of the decision.


Copyright words by John Yeo © All rights reserved

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Care Poem

05-PIC_0691Robert Brewer’s Wednesday poetry prompt~12/03/2014

For today’s prompt, write a care poem. As with many of the prompts, a care poem can be handled (with care) in many different ways: write a poem in which you care about someone (or something); write a poem about a caregiver (or care receiver); write a poem about the Care Bears; or if you don’t care about anything, let that guide you.  


This unbearable feeling is hard to share.

After many years suffusing into each other

An unbreachable gap has come to appear,

Shattering feelings built over many a year.


We shared many times with mutual respect

Happiness with laughter, always together

Never stopping to consider this awful end

The Death of a lover and a very dear friend


At the last, Death rips and shreds the past

Smashing our life to a million shards

The painful cutting and tearing apart,

Bloodless breaking of a once proud heart


Memories abound in solitary sadness

Flooding my mind with thoughts and despair

You were once here with me,

always there,

This harsh world continues without a care.


Copyright © By John Yeo

All rights reserved

How Long.

How long do I have to wait for fate to come to my rescue. My  wish is to  have the inspiration and the time to express my thoughts into the book that is buzzing around in my  brain cells. I know the road will be hard and long but the determination is very strong.