Care Poem

05-PIC_0691Robert Brewer’s Wednesday poetry prompt~12/03/2014

For today’s prompt, write a care poem. As with many of the prompts, a care poem can be handled (with care) in many different ways: write a poem in which you care about someone (or something); write a poem about a caregiver (or care receiver); write a poem about the Care Bears; or if you don’t care about anything, let that guide you.  


This unbearable feeling is hard to share.

After many years suffusing into each other

An unbreachable gap has come to appear,

Shattering feelings built over many a year.


We shared many times with mutual respect

Happiness with laughter, always together

Never stopping to consider this awful end

The Death of a lover and a very dear friend


At the last, Death rips and shreds the past

Smashing our life to a million shards

The painful cutting and tearing apart,

Bloodless breaking of a once proud heart


Memories abound in solitary sadness

Flooding my mind with thoughts and despair

You were once here with me,

always there,

This harsh world continues without a care.


Copyright © By John Yeo

All rights reserved