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Picture and Write~A Drop in the Ocean

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 The sky was blue as we boarded our flight, to the other side of existence. The vehicle was very odd, shaped like a fish with wings for scales and fins on the tail. An aerodynamic curiosity indeed, I thought I was in a  dream that would never end. 

  I was introduced to the assessors of a life that had been lived to the full in a very privileged society.  We drifted over the life-filled ocean on another plane of thought lines. I was allowed to say my piece before the ultimate decision, was determined

My life flashed before me as I fell head-first  back to the  sea from whence all life originated. Ejected from the  plane of one existence to another. All memory was erased in that one-act of remembrance.

Future  was informed of the decision.


Copyright words by John Yeo © All rights reserved

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