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ermilia Picture it and write

ermilia Picture it and write

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My hands were stroking and caressing the glass~Outside the trees and freedom beckoned, the sun had shone earlier this morning but I was unable to experience the purity and warmth of the sun kissed air. I could see the warm breeze ruffling and swaying the leaves on the trees through the glass of our window pane.

Confined to this room since the men with powerful guns arrived and placed everyone under curfew. We are told this is for our own safety and to allow for a thorough extermination of the enemies of the invaders who come to kill and steal our lands and lives. I watch the free birds soaring and swirling in the sky, a spider crawls across the glass looking for food. Perhaps the curfew will be lifted soon and we will be able to find food for ourselves. When the danger is passed we will not be shot if we open our door. Nature continues to thrive and kill to survive.

By John Yeo (c)~~ 25th March 2014


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5 thoughts on “ermilia Picture it and write

  1. What torture it must be to see the warmth of the outside but being unable to go out. I guess it works as a bigger metaphor for the sinister plot beneath your words. I wonder what will happen after the extermination? I wonder what or who is being exterminated? Thanks for contributing this week. 🙂

    – Ermisenda

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