Robert Brewer’s ~Wednesday Poetry Prompt

For today’s prompt, write an excited poem. Of course, I’m a bit excited about the upcoming challenge–in a good way. But excited can manifest itself in plenty of other ways as well, including feeling sick, scared, or upset. One of my favorite “excitable” characters is Barney Fife from the Andy Griffith Show.



I know the answer to my expectation

will be coming soon

I have had my fill in my imagination

I can hardly wait but still.

My sleeplessness adds to my inspiration,

My pulse is racing, veins afire

Feelings impossible to control.

I have honed my dream to perfection.

My mind is racing, my feeling delighted

I have never felt so sure and excited.


The doorbell sounds, a package arrives

My heart beats fast as I sign the note

 Anticlimax follows with the realisation

I have another sad letter of rejection.


Copyright ©  Poem by John Yeo


All rights reserved.