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The Lost Dream

Picture it and write


Last night I dreamed an important, wonderful event would be happening. Very soon. I saw the music, heard the colours, smelt the odours of imminent universal change. I entered another dimension located in the near future. My dream took me to a new frontier of universal happiness and a melding of all things corporeal, into a plane of pure being that is unattainable to the present pattern of being.
The virus that is infecting humanity holds the human race in a vice-like grasp. My dream gave the answers and the keys to unlocking the secrets of how to remove and destroy this block to our future growth.
When I awoke and came to, in this present dimension, I felt the peace and contentment flooding through my dream had been rudely ripped from my memory by the virus that infects us all.
I feel the heights and the withdrawal from this experience mirrored in my face as I struggle to revive the memory of my incredible dream.

By John Yeo  © All rights reserved

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4 thoughts on “The Lost Dream

  1. The pulse is beating in my own neck. That must mean something. Life must be beating like a metronome in time to my every wish that is wanting to be lived. Not on paper but in my heart, the origin of this pulse that is life itself….

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