First 50 Words~~”Monthly Deposit”

The crops had failed and many people were very hungry. The drought had been with us for months. No water to drink or to grow the crops. The waterholes had dried up and the cattle were dying of thirst. The food-rich countries rallied aound and delivered thousands of tons of food and water to the receiving stations in the area and it was agreed that a monthly deposit of provisions and water should be delivered to food banks until the rains arrived once again.

Picture it and Write~~

Here is the latest picture prompt from Ermila’s blog

Stag story


By John Yeo

Our estate is under threat. Margaret and I  have taxes to pay to the government with an enormous amount of work to be done on the upkeep of our estate, we have to think of something to generate income from all sources of revenue. The situation is dire, the roof is leaking, the heirlooms have been auctioned and we still owe money.

The folk-lore of the estate tells tales of our ancestors who tamed and rode giant stags with enormous antlers that powered through the heather. One day the estate manager and I were returning home from a night out in the local hostelry after researching the problem over various wines and other liquid nourishment. An awesome, fearsome figure loomed on the horizon, picked out in the setting of the evening sun. A giant stag with the most incredible set of antlers we had ever seen. I photographed the stag, then requisitioned a local artist to paint a set of oil paintings.

Then was born the legend of the immortal, incredible God of the stags, miracles were reported and legends spun. People flocked from far and wide to try to catch a glimpse of the Deity, who could surely make wishes come true and heal the sick. Pilgrims arrived from lands afar bringing gold and silver as offerings to the Deity. We used these generous offerings to reconstruct the estate and to build a temple to receive more visitors as our personal miracle continued.

Then one sad day, reality arrived to shatter the illusions in the shape of our artist bearing and sharing the original photograph.

We still have our visitors and believers!

Copyright (c) by John Yeo~~All rights reserved

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First 50 Words~ “Human Communication”


Non-verbal communication is a very important understated aspect of human communication. Not just sign language, but getting your message across in many other different ways, such as facial expression, smiles and frowns, nods and winks. Then there is the very little understood method of mind-to-mind thought transference that is not recognised officially by the scientific community. Mind-reading I believe is real and not a branch of science fiction.

First 50 Words~ “Red Geranium”


There were 50 wide steps up to our front door. Many a treacherous Winter’s day I have nearly slipped and had a fall. Autumn was just as bad with the occasional fallen leaf to trip on. Spring was my favourite time of the year, we put a pot with a red geranium on each side of every step. 100 beautiful pots of red geraniums that flowered all through Summer.

(c) Written by John Yeo

First 50 Words~”Mostly Sunny”


What to pack?
We are going South.
I hear the place we heading for has
Tropical rainstorms, Hurricanes, Floods,
Even Tsunamis have been known to occur.
Also the odd Earthquake to break the monotony.
Shorts are a must, sunglasses, sandals, short-sleeved shirts.
Better include an umbrella, a pac-a-mac a couple of sweaters and boots
Just in case, although I understand from checking the internet and doing some research
The place we are going to is MOSTLY SUNNY.

Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo  All rights reserved

Red shift of the Blue Planet

This is my response to  the latest picture it and write prompt from Ermilia’s blog.

Red planet


Seen from space The Earth is a Blue Planet

When the blue of the planet turns red with fire. Millions upon millions of minds open with an intellectual translucence of energy. A pouring out of intellectual fire,

Creative work with words, ideas, art  and science, mingling and moving.  A red shift as the combined rivers of thought marry the waves together into a mutual fire-storm of thought and creativity.

The spread of the waves through an internet of fire joins and moves, burning borders over an internet of peaceful co-existence.

The blue planet becomes red with the fires of  freedom.  Red seas shine into space through sharing of cultures and mutual thought.

Wrtten by John Yeo  (c)

April poem-a-Day~Day~Falling in and out of love

By John Yeo


At thirteen years old I was very grown up,
My voice was a sweet boyish treble,
I sang in tune at school with the choir.
My dreamy mind wandered in the musical air
As I fell deeply in love with the leader
Miss Lawson the choir mistress
Kind words of support, blue eyes and long hair.



How to attract the attention of Miss Lawson
Get my message of love to her heart?
I forced my voice to break and sound deeper 
A double bass statement to win her attention.
To attract her, I sounded very grown up.
Miss Lawson looked startled but still unaware
Of my feelings and undying love.
Then I blushed bright red and I told her.

It’s so easy to fall in and out of love!

Copyright © Written by John Yeo,
All rights reserved.

First 50 Words~The Future of Sex~17th April 2014

Madame Rose studied her crystal ball intently. “The future of sex is a conundrum. procreation, recreation or abstinence? The singularity of sex, masturbation? Reproduction by in-vitro fertilisation?” After much careful consideration the wise lady said, “The future of sex is in the past, without the past there would be no future. Love is the answer, old fashioned pure love is the future of sex.”


Copyright (c)~Written by John Yeo~All rights reserved.

First 50 words~10th April 2014~ OK, So~~~

OK, So ~~~

I have filled in this long application form, my past life is arrayed and spread out before you for all to see. No doubt you have made many photocopies of the information as a decision is made on my suitability for the job in question. I have a drawer full of rejection letters and there is always room for another.

I may be mature and coming to the end of my working life , but I am still active, able and very willing, with vast experience. You think I am wasting my time?

OK, So What!



Ermilia~ Picture it and Write 14/04/2014

This is the latest picture it and write exercise from Ermilia’s  blog

Picture and Write Back~

Sometimes things  get even worse  than they appear and I would like to disappear into infinity. My whole body like a chameleon, changes appearance to meld and blend with my surroundings. This is the ultimate form of camouflage a reflex reaction to any form of danger real or imagined. A plasticity of my bodily material that enables me to become any shape or form that I imagine myself to be. I will become a wall that shuts out things from view on both sides of it’s existence. All my cares and the impending dangers are then shut from my consciousness and no longer exist for me.

In reality I wear a covering in the form of a jumper that I can put on or pull off at will, thus controlling the visual impact of my appearance in front of a brick wall. This is the origin of physical camouflage,  mental camouflage is real and very common.

Written by John Yeo  Copyright (c) All rights reserved.