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April~POEM-A-DAY~Day Two

For today’s prompt, write a voyage poem. In my case, we’ll be driving along the Gulf of Mexico, but a voyage can happen in a variety of ways–even on foot, or psychologically. Heck, the process of writing a poem is a sort of voyage all its own. Happy poeming!

The Healing Voyage 
By John Yeo

A very sad loss, 
With a thick mist over my consciousness,
I had suffered a traumatic life event,
Shattering a union of many years
A loss that was to my detriment

A loss that would not go away
A black cloud covered the firmament
Clarity with understanding, missing.
The familiar surroundings added sadness.
Some good advice like a ray of light

Get away from here to lift the fog
Take a trip to anywhere, pastures new,
See the world, whatever you do,
Switch off your moping and try.
Somewhere there is a wide clear sky,

People will help you to understand
Many are in the same boat.
Travelling rough seas alone.
I boarded a ship with little expectation
Of any solution to my sad situation.

The voyage began over calm seas
With friendly faces and comfort.
Waves billowing a calm sea breeze,
A friendship forged at cards,
I began to feel at ease,

At the voyage end
I had made a very firm friend,
Who is still by my side, comforting.
I have lost the fog, cleared the mist,
My life is now completely,

Copyright © Written by John Yeo~All rights reserved


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