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For today’s prompt, write a message poem. Messages can be delivered in a variety of ways: postcard, e-mail, text message, letter in a bottle, smoke signals, secret codes, jumbotron proposals, etc. Also, messages themselves can be simple, complicated, nice, mean, happy, sad, and so on. Get at it!


Written by John Yeo


Gomera Island’s cliffs and valleys are sheer,

Rock-faces that separate the neighbours.

In days of yore

Many years before

Electronic communication


A whistling language developed,

From valley to valley you would hear

When danger threatened

Or help was required

Whistling messages sounding clear.


A language of instant communication 

Was employed from valley to valley.

Hello! I am here.

The personal whistle 

Was heard and understood.


Copyright © written by John Yeo,

All rights reserved.

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