For today’s prompt, write a discovery poem. The narrator could discover an object, a person, an animal, a dishonorable deed, or any number of things. Poets can focus on the discovery, examine the aftermath, or even just mention it in passing.



Live your life with wit and courage
Nothing is sacred in this open age
Your provenance is on display
Your ancestors will follow age-old clues
To find their past to aid discovery 
Of their ancestors on their family tree.
My ancestors were a motley crew
The more I looked my curiosity grew
Like a bird of prey, I swooped 
Through much conjecture and supposition
I pulled back the curtains of the murky lives
My long forgotten family past soon revives.
Following the trails and the slender threads
Of my various ancestors, very widespread.
The list is endless of stalwart citizens
Yeoman farmers, and the very well bred
Soldiers, a thief, seeking fame and fortune 
A Priest a nun and  women of easy virtue.
I pulled back the curtains, 
Closing the windows of time. 
My personal curiosity satisfied,  
I made up my mind
The seeds of me are unique. 
 Recovery of the distant past remains
A mystery beyond true discovery. 
Copyright © Written by John Yeo.
All rights reserved