For today’s prompt, write a night poem. Vampires and werewolves? Cool. Clubbing and saloons? You got it. Lovers together alone? Right. Ex-lovers alone on their own? Sure thing. You figure out your night poem–and, yes, (k)night poems are fine too.

By John Yeo
The silence was as deafening as always
The city was closed for the night
Towering office blocks and shadowy shops
The commuters had left, leaving silence.
The shops and offices eerily empty
Except for the watchmen and cleaners.
Artificial electric daylight had left
Darkness in shaded corners.
The ever vigilant cameras out of sight 
Watching the people of the night
Vehicles move through the silent city
Delivery men driving through fast.
Kerb crawlers looking for quick relief
from the loneliness of everyday life.
A young person with a dog in a doorway
Stretched out on cardboard to sleep.
An urban fox lopes by looking for food
The nocturnal wild life have needs
A siren blares, an ambulance speeds,
 flashing a blazing blue light.
Police patrol cars nose through the streets
Ever watchful for trouble or strife.
The night watch are very responsible folk
Living with and accepting the street life.
Dawn breaks with a slow emergence
Workers slowly return to the city
The business day in the metropolis
Begins, without care or time for pity.
Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo
All rights reserved


Ermilia~Picture it and Write~6th April 2014

This is the latest picture prompt from Ermilia’s Blog ~~~Emilia Picture it and Write

By John Yeo

The dream was incredibly vivid~I sat dozing in Grannies old armchair after a heavy afternoon, working out in the gym. A heady sweet smelling female perfume drifted into my nostrils sending my mind into a hypnotic trance.

I seemed to wake  with a jolt as an incredibly attractive leg slid down the back of the armchair. In my silent reverie, I gently caressed and stroked the smooth hairless skin. Then taking a slender foot in my hand and without looking up I began to run my fingers through each of the perfectly formed toes. The toenails were beautifully manicured and painted with a pretty shade of nail polish.

A hand was gently stroking my face, with soft pretty fingers that had been smoothing and running a path through my hair. I rested my head against the softness of a smooth-skinned knee as my silent half asleep  dreamy reverie continued.~~

Copyright © Written by John Yeo

All rights reserved

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