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Red shift of the Blue Planet

This is my response to  the latest picture it and write prompt from Ermilia’s blog.


Red planet


Seen from space The Earth is a Blue Planet

When the blue of the planet turns red with fire. Millions upon millions of minds open with an intellectual translucence of energy. A pouring out of intellectual fire,

Creative work with words, ideas, art  and science, mingling and moving.  A red shift as the combined rivers of thought marry the waves together into a mutual fire-storm of thought and creativity.

The spread of the waves through an internet of fire joins and moves, burning borders over an internet of peaceful co-existence.

The blue planet becomes red with the fires of  freedom.  Red seas shine into space through sharing of cultures and mutual thought.

Wrtten by John Yeo  (c)

2 thoughts on “Red shift of the Blue Planet

  1. Do you suppose during a solar eclipse the Earth would be red when seen from the moon? Haha you make me wonder. I like your idea of an explosion of creativity. Very different for this prompt, especially with no mention of blood even in context of freedom. Good stuff, John!

  2. I liked this – “The blue planet becomes red with the fires of freedom.” The use of colour was creative when you were comparing it to creativity and thought. 🙂 Thanks for contributing this week!

    – Ermisenda

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