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April~Poem-a-Day~~Day 30~Calling it a day

For today’s prompt, write a “calling it a day” poem. Some people might call this “Miller time,” others may refer to it as “closing time.” Just remember: Don’t call it a day until you put it in a poem.


By John Yeo

Our poetical musing is over and done, and we finish by calling it a day.

April dawned with the challenge,

We met to ponder and think.

April showers brought showers of words

Poetical showery verbose days,

Followed by more time to ponder

On things that matter to poets.

The war is over, the battle is done,

Thirty pieces of art composed.

A month of prompts have been tackled

With our poetry to build and complete

The month of April is over.

Now is the time to call it a day.

Copyright ©  Written by John Yeo.

All rights reserved.

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