First 50 Words~~”My Mom”

A Dickensian style tale
By John Yeo.

Separation can be ghastly. A long period of living in care. 
I remember the tears shed by my brother and I as we arrived holding hands, both upset and afraid as we entered the large Victorian building.
Many years later there was a joyful reunion when we were re-introduced to a loving home.

It is then you appreciate your long lost Mom.
Written by John Yeo  ©
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First 50 Words~”Bluegrass”

By John Yeo

I must admit I have heard very little Blue-Grass country music here in the UK. Although I like some country music, I am an avid classical music fan.
I understand there is a British Bluegrass music association with a large following here. 
I have seen many images of the beautiful Kentucky blue grass country region, with the impressive horses grazing on the beautiful luscious grass. 
Music is born from such beauty.

Written by John Yeo  ©
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