First 50 Words~Evacuate

To find oneself in a situation,
Where the object is not available
To fulfil the need for evacuation
Can be really quite uncomfortable.
To ponder the problem of the shortage
Of these objects for general use
People on high sit on the throne
Write poetry and generally muse.

Written by John Yeo (c)

First 50 Words~ Public Bathroom

The object of the exercise is to be

As uncontroversial as ever,

To write a poem that reflects

An objectionable object whenever

One has an earthy need to free

The bowels from a blockage, wherever

The need for relief arises

By searching for a public bathroom.

Written by John Yeo (c)

First 50 Words~ “Evacuate”

85 year old neighbour Walter was  killed last week in a gas explosion. Walter was set in his ways a loner who had no time for anyone except his cat “Smokey”.  Walter was hard of hearing and very reclusive, he always had his windows and the doors firmly shut against the world. There was a major incident in the area, vans with loud-speakers attached combed the streets urging, requesting, then ordering everyone to EVACUATE! Then, the huge explosion that ripped through three houses, flattening everything. It was not until three days later that the world noticed the disappearance of Walter. “Smokey” survived.