Picture it and write~ The Second Coming

This the latest picture prompt from Ermilia’s blog



By John Yeo

A round globe, a moon that spins gracefully in the emptiness of space. A light that dreams are woven from at nightfall.

A solidity that is taken for granted by association with the physical moon that lights up the night sky.

A moon-like entity came closer and closer to the planet causing uproar and panic among the dinosaurs all over the earth.

The round moon-like entity, composed of a strange substance, drifted to earth and landed among the high rocky mountains.

Then a lava-like substance, the life-force ,that had travelled across the infinity of the universe, just melted into a river.

The river of life then flowed gracefully to the sea, where new life took up residence in the waters that gave birth to all life.

Time passed and new life-forms crawled from the depths of the oceans to take residence on the land.


Written by John Yeo (c)~~All rights reserved

Credits for Picture provided by Ermilia ~