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Velvet Verbosity~100 Words #380 – Clover

 The greenness of the  field of Clover took my breath away as I studied the field. The flowers had yet to form and the green Clover stretched all around the perimeter of my peripheral sight creating an emerald vista.  A vision of splendour.

 My Grandmother was dying from terminal cancer and she begged me to bring her a four leafed Clover. The legendary rare four leafed Clover is reputed to bring good luck and good health, to all lucky enough to encounter the magical power emanating from the four magical leaves.

A bluebird landed where I found the precious Clover.


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3 thoughts on “Velvet Verbosity~100 Words #380 – Clover

  1. Love the fact that a bluebird, another sign of happiness, led you to the last requested item. Beautifully written John.

    • Thanks Marilyn, 100 words was not enough for this one, I had visions of my grandmother dying while I was on the errand. Then I would have revealed that the clover’s luck was her legacy to me.

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