First 50 Words~”Ah, my darling”~

It was raining outside, the sky was gray and her mood matched the weather. The washing machine was working overtime and the cleaning was in process. I entered the house on tip-toe as I felt the tension of a mundane rainy day penetrating our home.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door and a man stood there with the biggest bunch of flowers you could ever imagine and a pre-wrapped box of chocolates. Her face lit up, she looked at me and cried. Ah, my darling.



I remember growing up in a very small town in England as a youth. There was never much to do in the evenings and we would congregate on the local street corners to meet with our friends and chat. Many of the older generation would, Tut-Tut,  and insist that we were meeting to cause trouble. Then came an understanding adult who started a youth club. This was a brilliant idea and we successfully met in a local village hall for dances and many other pastimes. This solved the problem of the  people who were upset about our earlier street life.


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Picture it and Write~~ Masks

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By John Yeo

 Every situation required a new specially adapted mask to portray the feelings outwardly that were expected from a growing close knit family. Sometimes her face would light up with happiness at a certain milestone. The first words, the first step, then there would be an almost natural expression of maternal pride and satisfaction.

Then at times the face would be a gentle face, that masked the tears inside, after a hurtful thoughtless cruel remark hit hard, penetrating to the core of her being.

 Many times the angry, irate mask would be donned in response to a perceived threat to the children or the home. Then the protective mask would be applied and the voice would be altered to reflect the anger and to defend her family.

 All her world was a stage and she developed a mask to reflect the required response to every possible situation. Instantly adaptable, instantly altered.

 It would only be after many years of caring and protection in the background, often taken for granted.  A Mother would be lost and sincerely mourned and missed.

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First 50 Words~~”My Mom”

A Dickensian style tale
By John Yeo.

Separation can be ghastly. A long period of living in care. 
I remember the tears shed by my brother and I as we arrived holding hands, both upset and afraid as we entered the large Victorian building.
Many years later there was a joyful reunion when we were re-introduced to a loving home.

It is then you appreciate your long lost Mom.
Written by John Yeo  ©
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First 50 Words~”Bluegrass”

By John Yeo

I must admit I have heard very little Blue-Grass country music here in the UK. Although I like some country music, I am an avid classical music fan.
I understand there is a British Bluegrass music association with a large following here. 
I have seen many images of the beautiful Kentucky blue grass country region, with the impressive horses grazing on the beautiful luscious grass. 
Music is born from such beauty.

Written by John Yeo  ©
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First 50 Words~ “Warning Low Battery

Clock-watching and preening, putting the final touches to my appearance. I have a very important appointment for the job of a lifetime. I have made my preparations and rehearsed the interview. I arrive at the destination very confident, but LATE!! How can it be? I did everything right to the last degree. I trudge back home and instantly the reason becomes clear , my large usually highly accurate clock is 20 minutes slow. The battery is low and the time is wrong, I could kick myself. Why didn’t I heed the low battery warning by checking my cell–phone? It was on charge in the bedroom.

Picture it and Write~Brush fire

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Image supplied and credited by Ermila

There are times during the very hot season when the bush is very dry, as dry as a tinder-box. A very slight spark can cause a destructive moving brush-fire that travels very, very fast as the flames take hold. The fire rages out of control,  the fire-service, using aeroplanes, water-bomb the head of the inferno to try to stop the fire in its tracks.

The flames light up the sky, and we drive away with many other cars racing  away from the moving, travelling wall of flame, that makes an incredible picture of the sky on fire.

As the sun sets in all its glory the fire turns night into day.

Written by John Yeo (c) All rights reserved.

First 50 Words “Kittens”


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There is a heartless unfeeling cruel person somewhere~Hiding~A cat-lover who loved a kitten, then fed and loved the cat~Then couldn’t find love for her babies~I discovered a cardboard box on my doorstep~Warily I approached, then there was a movement as two beautiful kitten faces popped up~I knew I was lost.

April~Poem-a-Day~~Day 30~Calling it a day

For today’s prompt, write a “calling it a day” poem. Some people might call this “Miller time,” others may refer to it as “closing time.” Just remember: Don’t call it a day until you put it in a poem.


By John Yeo

Our poetical musing is over and done, and we finish by calling it a day.

April dawned with the challenge,

We met to ponder and think.

April showers brought showers of words

Poetical showery verbose days,

Followed by more time to ponder

On things that matter to poets.

The war is over, the battle is done,

Thirty pieces of art composed.

A month of prompts have been tackled

With our poetry to build and complete

The month of April is over.

Now is the time to call it a day.

Copyright ©  Written by John Yeo.

All rights reserved.

April~Poem-a-Day~Day 29~Magical Realism Poem

The final Two-for-Tuesday prompt for this month is:

  • Write a realism poem. A poem that is rooted in the real world. Or…
  • Write a magical poem. A poem that incorporates magical or fantastical elements.

Or write like Gabriel Garcia Marquez and do both!

The  Rude Awakening

By John Yeo

I drifted freely in a magical sky

With my wings outstretched I began to fly,

From cloud to cloud through the intense blue

I drifted and danced my way to you.

I passed a magical fish flying by

Swimming in the Cerulean Sapphire sky.

A voice broke into my high journey

From across the shores of the skyful sea.

Half aware and still flying free

I wondered who could be calling to me.

I was rudely brought back to reality.

When I awoke from my magical reverie.

Get out of bed! It is getting late!

Breakfast is ready and it will not wait.

I crawled out to face another cold day

On my bike in the rain, and on my way,

Soaked to the skin, in the heartless city,

From a magical dream I faced harsh reality.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo

All rights reserved.