Ermilia gavel

This is my response to the latest Picture it and Write prompt on Ermlia’s blog~


The image is provided thanks to Ermlia


By John Yeo

The courtroom was packed with supporters for this victim of an alleged horrendous assault. There was much to get through, reams of evidence to be presented and debated. Morals were discussed and heartfelt pleas for justice were heard from many learned people. Our  highly esteemed judge was very well thought of in the city and indeed he had been the recipient of a splendid gift of a cut-glass gavel in recognition of his contribution to justice and the law. This was a very sensitive case and many people, the judges wife included, thought it should never have been brought to court. Of course the judge would never discuss the case with his wife, but she was very sensitive to his mind after 40 years of marriage. After many days of discussion and listening to much legal debate, with countless witnesses from many disciplines and areas of thought, the learned judge announced his decision. To everyone’s horror the judge pronounced the case unproven and the accused: Not Guilty! There was uproar in the courtroom, the judge raised his gavel: Order! Order in the court! There was a splintering of glass as the cut glass gavel that the learned judge’s wife had deliberately substituted, smashed into a thousand fragments. The police moved in to clear the courtroom. Justice and the system of justice had certainly been symbolically  smashed today.

Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo

All rights reserved

12 thoughts on “SMASHING JUSTICE

  1. It’s always difficult when we feel one thing in our hearts, but we can’t prove it. That’s always been something that interests me about law. Thanks for contributing this week.

  2. The sense of the senselessness of the law is potent in your writing. Justice is not blind in the eyes of the Judge’s wife. She is one wise woman.

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