The Outer Limits

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By John Yeo

The leather binding was so beautiful, it added something to the overall impression of the delights to come. There was a clasp on the edge that was an indication of the quality of the content to come when the book was opened and the contents perused. The author’s name and the title of this extraordinarly presented work of literacy was hand-tooled in gold leaf. The title modestly emblazoned on the cover and the spine in golden type read,

“The Greatest Story Ever Told”


I cradled the book in my hands and gingerly opened the covers, the leather felt so soft and smooth in my hands as I ran my eye down the contents list and briefly started to read the foreword written by the famous author A.N. OTHER. An ecstatic review of the delights to come followed, the quality of the verbal description and outer limits of the subject was excellent.

I bid for this treasure in the auction and my determination to own this volume knew no bounds, the bidding was brisk, as three other prospective purchasers were bidding furiously to procure the book. The bidding reached £5000.00 for this very collectable work of pointless literature, I managed to purchase the first edition and it is destined to repose on the shelves in my library as a wonderful work of reference, probably unopened until the day arrives when I have nothing to research.

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Electric After-Shock

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 provided by Ermila

 I was working as an engineer on high power cables,  strapped to a vehicle with a hoist that lifted me high into the air to enable me to reach the overhead cables. Suddenly I blacked out and I could remember nothing from that instant to this day. I was informed by my working colleagues that I had suffered a massive electric shock and I was very lucky to be alive. Indeed the doctors were proclaiming my escape from serious harm a miracle. My hand although perfectly normal to look at in daylight now glowed in a fluorescent way in the dark. Several illustrious learned men had examined my fluorescent hand and there was intense interest in my sparkling hand.

 I remain here in hospital awaiting the results of countless tests. In the next bed to me is a little boy, Billy, who is dying of terminal cancer, on the other side another victim of an accident, Bob, who is conscious but not expected to live. Billy was very interested in my glowing hand, and in the gloom of a cloudy late afternoon in the ward, he asked if he could touch my hand. I said of course, but don’t tell the doctor. Billy shook hands with me and we could both see a sparkling glow travel between both our hands. Billy smiled, and said he could feel the pleasant warmth spreading throughout his body. Bob in the bed next door asked if he could try it and he also reported a strange feeling of  warmth and electric power racing through his body.

 The results of my tests came through and I went home. A few days later I heard that the doctors were getting praised for the miraculous cures of two patients who had not been expected to live, Billy and Bob’s faces were staring at me from the newspapers.

I contacted them both and asked them to keep our secret and I would try to use my electric aftershock without the nuisance of publicity. I now live in a remote farmhouse and travel to many places to bring my electric magic, then fade away into the background again.

Copyright © written by John Yeo All rights reserved.

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