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Ermilia Black and White lips

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By John Yeo

My Father would laugh about a very strange dream that my Mother had twenty years ago, before I was born.

My Mother insisted one day that she had been abducted by humanoid aliens. They had taken her to a gigantic flying saucer-like machine where she had been made love to by an alien and impregnated with their seed and life force. The aliens had travelled across the universe from their dying planet to implant their seed to save their race. Conditions here on Earth were alien to them and they were unlikely to survive, this was the only way. They were able to distort our timewaves and my Mother awoke in her bed at home the next morning, as if from a dream.

My Father laughed at this dream and made fun of her vivid imagination, he always said Mother was a dreamer and this is a very precious gift to have.

One year later I arrived and Mother and Father were very proud of their new daughter. I had a very happy childhood, I never lacked for anything and I was rarely ill. My parents always asked me about my dreams, Daddy laughingly wondered if I took after my Mother as a dreamer.

 At the age of twenty my features suddenly altered and this unusual growth appeared on my face. I lost the ability to speak, but I found I could read minds and I knew what people were going to say before they opened their mouths. I would actually communicate by thought transference, I found all I had to do was think to make my wishes known.

I was examined by many Doctors, Psychiatrists and Scientists, I succumbed to every known scientific test but there was no logical explanation for the black and white growth.

Then my Father suddenly remembered Mother’s very strange dream and a frission of excitement buzzed around the scientific world. I have many extra unusual abilities and there are two protrusions growing on my back as time passes. I know these are wings and I will be able to fly.

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