First 50 Words~ What ruins a Man?


What ruins a man? Indeed! Or what ruins a woman?
A highly inflated opinion of themselves. Sadly unbalanced.
If one has a balanced view of the world, the inevitable decay
Of self opinionated ruinous decay will be slowed considerably.
Ruin starts slowly and picks up speed.L
Gin was was once called “Mothers ruin” in Victorian England.
Consumption of too much gin at any time, can ruin either
Mother or Father, in a balanced society.


Written by John Yeo ©

First 50 words~ My Secret Place


By John Yeo

(1) ~ The Gateway.

I know a private secret place,
That is almost impenetrable to all,
I can alter the vistas and rearrange,
The outlook and furnish my private space,
With dreams and schemes and imagination,
I am careful of the contents, How much I reveal
I carry my secret place wherever I find
Some stimulation for my fertile mind.

(2) ~ The Entrance.

A waterfall guards the entrance
Of a tunnel to a valley beyond.
As you arrive at the end, two Peacocks
Gaze and welcome you to their home.
Streams and brooks with Swans gliding,
A Centaur waits to carry you on his back
To share the pleasure of a magical mind
As you explore this special secret place.

A closely guarded secret place, far too complex to reveal in the “first 50 words”.

Copyright  ©  ~Written by John Yeo All rights reserved

First 50 Words~ Incendiary

I remember seeing a horrific picture on the news, of a man on fire, running along an unmade road in South East Asia, screaming with the pain of the flames burning his skin. This was the result of Napalm, an incendiary device used as a chemical weapon, to burn the jungle vegetation. This is a terrible, unforgettable, horrific image, that I will never forget.

Written by John Yeo ©


This is the latest “Picture it and Write” prompt from Ermilia’s blog


The image is provided by Ermilia


Written by John Yeo

Hallo! This is a picture of me, I am Gallimaufry the grey. I am on my way to our store with some berries to put away for the long cold winter, when food is very scarce.  I put them a hole, in the hollow of an old Oak tree, where we all live during the cold months of the year deep in the forest.

I always dream when I sleep. Last night in my dream I was a giant flying white angel squirrel, I never had to sleep as it was always sunny and we always had as much food as we could eat.

Back here in the harsh real world of the wild forest, I have to protect my store of food from roving gangs of bandit, lazy grey squirrels. These idle mobs will steal a store of food, they are far too lazy to put nuts and berries away for themselves. It is rumored that these gangs are composed mainly of half-breeds, the result of liaisons between grey and the native red  squirrels. I have my doubts about this for many reasons.

The native red squirrels are getting scarce as we grey squirrels take over and displace them from the woodlands. They are very much weaker than us greys and they have a different diet than us, we can eat their food but they have difficulty digesting some of our food.

Our American cousins are known as mini-bears. We are descended from some of these mini-bears, who were brought here and released in the wild many years ago, we have been very successful in making our home here. Sadly hunters are now trying to kill some of us grey squirrels to restore the balance in the numbers between the two separate kinds of squirrel.

We are settled and happy in our little island home, we have learned to survive by squirreling away our little stores of nuts and berries, to get us through the winter.


Copyright  © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved


St Edmundsbury Cathedral ~”REFLECTIONS”~Flower festival.


An exceptional treat was in store for us as we entered the imposing doors of the cathedral. Many people were drawn here from many parts, to view and enjoy the spectacle, a celebration of 100 years of the diocese of St Edmundsbury and Ipswich.


The few examples pictured below show just a very small selection of the beautiful colourful flowers, so imaginatively displayed.


An interesting nationalistic wartime display, showing a helmet with a union jack flag in the background.


White Chrysanthemums and  Blue Agapanthus


A large photograph of the cathedral framed with flowers.


The wolfs head, illustrating a wolf from Saxon legend that was rumoured to have found the head of King Edmund, who was killed in a battle with the Danes in the year 869.


A floral depiction of a Viking vessel


Poppies to commemorate Flanders fields in World War 1


Floral musical instruments on display.


A beautiful countryside floral arrangement ~Sadly with a stuffed fox in the corner.

Hunted, Persecuted by dogs, Stuffed, then brought to a place of worship as an exhibit.



A very artistic display~ An empty picture frame, framing real flowers with a floral palette containing colourful flowers to represent paints.


An interesting wooden house set in a lovely floral display.


An impressive brass eagle head, lectern, highly polished and tastefully decorated with flowers 


A crumbling mausoleum in the cathedral grounds

Copyright ©  Photographs and Written work by John Yeo ~

All rights reserved.

First 50 Words~ Short

A life cut short in the prime, Sadness at the start of the rhyme, You lived on this earth with grace, Lighting a fire within your space, You stunned the world of the word, With writing that was revered, So young to be snatched away, In this cruel heartless way. As I try to praise your depth of thought, The “First 50 Words” is  far too short. 


A life cut short in the prime,
Sadness at the start of the rhyme,
You lived on this earth with grace,
Lighting a fire within your space,
You stunned the world of the word,
With writing that was revered,
So young to be snatched away,
In this cruel heartless way.
As I try to praise your depth of thought,
The “First 50 Words” is far too short.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo  All rights reserved

First 50 Words~Practical Information


It would be difficult to display creativity as practical information,
This world is full of many kinds of creativity.
Try to avoid the discrimination,
By not labelling the different shades of creativity.

Just love creativity in all its wonderful guises,
Practical creativity is to be creative
With a particular goal in sight.
Creative design is very practical.

All creative writing contains practical information,
Although sometimes it is very hard to find.
Creativity can split one hundred words
Into two separate first fifty words, in a poem.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo All rights reserved

Velvet Verbosity~100 words~FADED

My story was spellbinding, amazingly I was part of the action. I fought invisible monsters, drifted in time and found myself in a gentle space. Overawed by the breathtaking work of literature I  produced, I grabbed the nearest pen and paper and I furiously began writing. The results were incredible, I knew I had writen a best seller. Every word was poetical dynamite, explosive words, resounding from my head to the paper. The vision faded. I awoke from my dream with the realisation that the pen and the paper were also a part of my dream. Dreams can come true. 


Copyright  © , Written by John Yeo  All rights reserved.

First 50 Words~ Look at Clouds


OK! Let us look at clouds. No! Not the fluffy white drifting variety that idly drift across a blue sky on a dreamy Spring day. Or the hazy fine silk clouds that make a Summer sky look cloudless. Not the racing grey variety that speed across the sky driven by powerful winds in the Autumn. Look at the thick black stormy clouds of a Winter sky, and be thankful Spring is on the way.

Written by John Yeo ©

First 50 Words~ Hold the Baby


Everything in the business was going downhill and we were headed for a financial disaster. The Managing Director called me into his office, and offered me a partnership if I could pull the business round. I agreed to take control, and a deal was thrashed out. It was only then I realised he was leaving me to hold the baby as he was retiring overseas.

Written by John Yeo  ©