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Photograph provided and credited by Ermilia to Diggie Vitt


By John Yeo

My name is Little John, I am part of the shrinking population. My friend Margaret  looks after me. Margaret is still 5′-5″ tall and was once shorter in height than me, I am now 3″ tall.  I am part of a worldwide experiment to save the planet.

I found myself in her office one day, having hitched a ride on the inside of her umbrella. Whenever anyone approaches and comes near Margaret’s desk, I hide behind the imitation inkwell, next to her computer  keyboard. I also hide from Houseflies, and giant Spiders, and many other flying, stinging, hungry predators. I eat the crumbs from Margaret’s sandwiches and sip the drops of tea in the saucer underneath her teacup.

One day Margaret was bored and folded a large piece of paper, origami style, into a very impressive paper aeroplane. I laughed and Margaret smiled as I climbed aboard my private custom built aircraft. I held on very, very tightly as Margaret took aim and gently threw me on my wings across the office. The ride was exhilarating, we repeated the flight several more times as my excitement grew, we then took my new craft into the open air. This was fantastic, as the wind took control, I glided across the lawn, my scarf flying freely. Margaret took  this photograph with the camera on her i-phone.

I hope one day to be able to take a granule of a pill, like the famous Alice in Wonderland and regain my normal size. They say the shrinking population will eat less and solve the worlds food shortages and space problems. I have my doubts, insects will probably wipe us all out and we will become extinct like the dinosaurs.

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