First 50 Words~The Club


Ug said to Gug let’s hit the road, the tribe are on the move. You bring your club and I’ll bring mine. The noise was deafening when they arrived. The Cavern club was echoing. The rock was resounding and vibrating, bouncing off the walls. Cavemen clubbed and cave women fell, under the spell of the music. Rocking and writhing, jerking and jiving. Then Gug said to Ug, I love it here, this is the ace of clubs.

Written by John Yeo ©

First 50 Words~Birthday Cake


The funeral was a very solemn occasion. The Coroner had recorded, Death by Misadventure. Grandad had died on his 90th birthday, at his birthday party. The whole family were present when they wheeled in a huge iced birthday cake with 90 years old written on it in blue marzipan. Grandad’s face lit up as he quickly tasted a huge piece of icing. Suddenly he gasped and collapsed choking, then he lay very still.

Written by John Yeo ©