First 50 Words~The Money~Two for the price of one


We have a cure for most of the illness that plagues mankind, a very cheap easy to make remedy that would revolutionise medicine if we were to release our patent. We cannot make money from this product so we sit on it. Hide it away, we pay many millions of our profits to silence the inventor and keep our shareholders happy. We buy their silence with the money.




Alphonse and Arthur were loan sharks, they would lend out small sums of money for very high rates of interest, usually to very poor people who were in a financial mess. They would collect their money with threats, they always took two very fierce dogs wherever the went. One day they were found dead in a pond covered in frog spawn. They had been killed for the money they extorted by frogmen vigilantes. The dogs were tamed by the frogs.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved

Verbal Verbosity~100 Word Challenge~EVEN NICENESS IS NOT INDISPENSABLE

 Every morning she would arrive and it was as if the sun had come out. Everybody liked her, she was so very nice, always very happy and there was never a ripple of adversity among her colleagues. One Friday morning a trolley full of champagne was delivered to our office. There was much speculation about this delivery, until she walked in beaming. “I’m leaving today to get married, and I would like to say goodbye in style” Hearty congratulations were expressed and the champagne was rapidly consumed. The office routine continues, not quite so brightly, now you are gone girl.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo~ All rights reserved