First 50 Words~ “Nope”


Do you realise that there is a type of frog in the Amazon jungle that actually flies from tree to tree?
In my view nope is a shortened version of no hope. Did you know that?
There is no hope of flying pigs, but flying frogs are a fact, you understand?
You mean you have no hope of knowing, or no hope for the frogs? Do you care?
My friend would you agree that there is no hope for you?

Written by John Yeo ©

Verbal Verbosity~100 Word Challenge~Transistor

Transistors were instrumental in the sad demise of the good old fashioned hearing aid trumpet.

Great-Great-Grandad, would just say Eh! What! He would get very annoyed and ask you to speak up!

Great-Grandad used a trumpet to magnify the sound. This was not a very effective alternative, but very picturesque.

Grandad used a transistor powered hearing aid that was strapped to his body. This would greatly amplify the sound.

Dad uses a digital hearing aid that is almost invisible.

I am on the list for a Cochlea operation.

We have come a long way since the transistor revolutionised hearing ability.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo~ All rights reserved