The Light Bright Reflection



This is the latest picture it and write prompt from Ermilia’s blog

As usual the image is provided and the credits are acknowledged by Ermilia


My beautiful blue mirror is hung in place,

The reflection is my window behind me.

The open red curtains with a red chair to match.

I stand looking and admiring my home in the background.

As I look, the room in my mirror gets dark.

Jet black, nothing is visible, although it is still

Light, in the middle of the day.

I blink and the original view returns.

This startles me. How? Why?

The reflection is still true to life.

What could have caused my mirror to go dark?

Witches, Hobgoblins, Devils or Ghosts!

My mind goes through many twists and turns,

With supernatural reasons and answers.

Did I imagine it, or is there a Ghost,

On the other side of the glass?

Am I about to be approached

By beings from the other side?

Suddenly the mirror goes black, once again.

Black as black! Everything is black.

Then my wife Margaret is beside me.

“Are you all right? You stumbled.

I think you had a blackout!”

I look at my friendly, mirror again,

Reflecting our beautiful home.

I look and think, I love my life.

 As I reflect on how lucky I am.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo. All rights reserved