This is the latest “Picture it and Write” prompt from Ermilia’s blog


The image is provided by Ermilia


Written by John Yeo

Hallo! This is a picture of me, I am Gallimaufry the grey. I am on my way to our store with some berries to put away for the long cold winter, when food is very scarce.  I put them a hole, in the hollow of an old Oak tree, where we all live during the cold months of the year deep in the forest.

I always dream when I sleep. Last night in my dream I was a giant flying white angel squirrel, I never had to sleep as it was always sunny and we always had as much food as we could eat.

Back here in the harsh real world of the wild forest, I have to protect my store of food from roving gangs of bandit, lazy grey squirrels. These idle mobs will steal a store of food, they are far too lazy to put nuts and berries away for themselves. It is rumored that these gangs are composed mainly of half-breeds, the result of liaisons between grey and the native red  squirrels. I have my doubts about this for many reasons.

The native red squirrels are getting scarce as we grey squirrels take over and displace them from the woodlands. They are very much weaker than us greys and they have a different diet than us, we can eat their food but they have difficulty digesting some of our food.

Our American cousins are known as mini-bears. We are descended from some of these mini-bears, who were brought here and released in the wild many years ago, we have been very successful in making our home here. Sadly hunters are now trying to kill some of us grey squirrels to restore the balance in the numbers between the two separate kinds of squirrel.

We are settled and happy in our little island home, we have learned to survive by squirreling away our little stores of nuts and berries, to get us through the winter.


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