First 50 words~ My Secret Place


By John Yeo

(1) ~ The Gateway.

I know a private secret place,
That is almost impenetrable to all,
I can alter the vistas and rearrange,
The outlook and furnish my private space,
With dreams and schemes and imagination,
I am careful of the contents, How much I reveal
I carry my secret place wherever I find
Some stimulation for my fertile mind.

(2) ~ The Entrance.

A waterfall guards the entrance
Of a tunnel to a valley beyond.
As you arrive at the end, two Peacocks
Gaze and welcome you to their home.
Streams and brooks with Swans gliding,
A Centaur waits to carry you on his back
To share the pleasure of a magical mind
As you explore this special secret place.

A closely guarded secret place, far too complex to reveal in the “first 50 words”.

Copyright  ©  ~Written by John Yeo All rights reserved

First 50 Words~ Incendiary

I remember seeing a horrific picture on the news, of a man on fire, running along an unmade road in South East Asia, screaming with the pain of the flames burning his skin. This was the result of Napalm, an incendiary device used as a chemical weapon, to burn the jungle vegetation. This is a terrible, unforgettable, horrific image, that I will never forget.

Written by John Yeo ©