This is the latest ~”Picture it and Write” prompt from Ermilia’s blog


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We have found a cure for the tragedy of dementia. The slow degeneration of the brain, crumbling , as memory leaks out. I lost all track of everything. My mind was a complete blank.

Every particle of the theory has been absorbed and reflected on, then taken to pieces and rebuilt. I lived, ate and processed the information. Every nuance and physical movement of the changes in the cerebral material has been observed and recorded by my brain cells.

I had lost all track of everything, I will now be rebuilt, my whole personality has been reconstructed piece by piece. I am now the foundation of an idea. The brain reconstruction is complete. The Alzheimer’s disease I had suffered from has now been arrested.

Written by John Yeo © All rights reserved.

First 50 Words~In the Garage


The rain was pelting down and it was freezing cold. I was standing at the bus stop waiting for a bus to take me to work. A friend driving by, shouted. “Hi John, where is your car? ” Through gritted teeth, I replied. “In the garage, getting repaired!” Then I thought to myself, I will give up food before I give up my car!

Written by John Yeo ©

First 50 Words~The Filing Cabinet


Deep in the recesses of the fiing cabinet, covered in the cobwebby dust, I turned to the section marked “L”. I pulled a folder with the word LIFE on the cover. Very tattered and very thick, I started to read. Did I really do all that? I swelled my chest, smiled, and I thought, YES!! I pushed the unfinished folder back and closed the drawer.

Written by John Yeo ©

First 50 Words~ An Eye

The Wink

Everyone ran for cover as the storm broke and Hurricane Fergus raged in the tropics. At the centre of the hurricane was an eye where everything was sucked up and deposited elsewhere. On a windy day in a town in Southern France it began to rain frogs from the sky. It was thought they were sucked up by the hurricane, Until the hurricane eye winked.

Copyright  © Written by John Yeo,. All rights reserved

Velvet Verbosity~100 Word Challenge~Whistling

The steam train, with thick black smoke billowing from the engine, sped through the countryside. As we approached a tunnel the engine driver pulled a chain and set off a piercing whistle. The lazy cattle grazing in the field looked up startled, some stampeded away from the noise. We stopped for water at a whistle-stop. Another blast of the whistle that masked a shot from the train as the wounded guard toppled backwards. The great train robbery was under way. A horseman galloped along beside the train and retrieved a black bag, thrown from the train. The police moved in.


Copyright (c)~Written by John Yeo~All rights reserved.


The Light Bright Reflection



This is the latest picture it and write prompt from Ermilia’s blog

As usual the image is provided and the credits are acknowledged by Ermilia


My beautiful blue mirror is hung in place,

The reflection is my window behind me.

The open red curtains with a red chair to match.

I stand looking and admiring my home in the background.

As I look, the room in my mirror gets dark.

Jet black, nothing is visible, although it is still

Light, in the middle of the day.

I blink and the original view returns.

This startles me. How? Why?

The reflection is still true to life.

What could have caused my mirror to go dark?

Witches, Hobgoblins, Devils or Ghosts!

My mind goes through many twists and turns,

With supernatural reasons and answers.

Did I imagine it, or is there a Ghost,

On the other side of the glass?

Am I about to be approached

By beings from the other side?

Suddenly the mirror goes black, once again.

Black as black! Everything is black.

Then my wife Margaret is beside me.

“Are you all right? You stumbled.

I think you had a blackout!”

I look at my friendly, mirror again,

Reflecting our beautiful home.

I look and think, I love my life.

 As I reflect on how lucky I am.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo. All rights reserved

Blame it on Fate


For this week’s prompt, take the phrase “Blame (blank),” replace the blank with a word or phrase, make the new phrase the title of your poem, and then, write your poem. Possible titles include “Blame it on the Rain,” “Blame Yourself,” “Blame the Bad Guys,” and so on.

Blame it on Fate

I worked very hard to get over the blight,
Then to fashion a quill that would actually write.
Pick the feather up and begin to sharpen
The end into a perfect nib.

An inkwell full of Indian ink,
Jet black and smooth almost velvet in texture,
Next a parchment that was specially prepared
To record the unfolding events.

The seers and prophets had forecast the end
Of the world as we know it is nigh,
They say the information was revealed,
From prophetic knowledge of old.

The sands of time have passed by the mark,
When we should be part of the past
The star in the North is still burning
The light is overcoming the dark.

Why is the end of the world so late?
I measured the sands and counted the days,
The solar and lunar forecasters will state
Scientific evidence will blame it on fate.

Copyright © Written by John Yeo, All rights reserved.image

First 50 Words~Pickets


We bought our new home in Australia, a colonial-style building set in a large garden surrounded by a white painted picket fence. We were puzzled, we got our dream home for a very good price. The previous owner had a nervous breakdown and left. We were woken by a loud grating, croaking noise a few days later. The house was surrounded by huge cane toads peeping through the pickets.


Written by John Yeo ©

First 50 Words~ “Nope”


Do you realise that there is a type of frog in the Amazon jungle that actually flies from tree to tree?
In my view nope is a shortened version of no hope. Did you know that?
There is no hope of flying pigs, but flying frogs are a fact, you understand?
You mean you have no hope of knowing, or no hope for the frogs? Do you care?
My friend would you agree that there is no hope for you?

Written by John Yeo ©