The Birthday Party

Time for another Odd Trio prompt: write a post about any topic you want, in whatever form or genre, but make sure it features a slice of cake, a pair of flip-flops, and someone old and wise.


by John Yeo

Granny Annie was 89 years old, full of the practical wisdom, that reflected a life spent taking care of a household during some very austere times of war and rationing. Husband Wilfred was a baker who owned and ran his business while Annie went to do her job as a dental nurse, these days she would have had the respectable title of a dental technician.  The wisdom of a life well lived and well experienced by the fluctuations of a topsy-turvy economic climate were very useful in the lives of her ever-growing family.

Then came the day of Granny Annie’s 90th birthday, the family gathered with gifts and many smiles were evident, as presents were unwrapped, and the excited expression on Granny Annie’s face mirrored the smiles and laughter of the younger members of the family. Granny Annie unwrapped a huge parcel that was wrapped and wrapped many times, with lots of colourful birthday gift wrapping paper. So much paper that it took several minutes to reach a very interesting cardboard box in the middle, this was the size of a shoe box and had masses of sticky tape on the edges. This was impossible for her to get into with her elderly hands, and she signalled young William to come and open his present to her. The lid was removed and to everyones delight a pair of flip-flops were revealed, not just any old flip flops, a very comfortable looking pair of flip flops, designed to cushion a pair of 90 year old feet very comfortably. Granny Annie gave William a smile of thanks while wagging her finger at him for the cheeky packaging.

 A huge pink iced-cake was wheeled into the lounge with a large candle in the middle. Excitedly everyone urged Granny Annie to blow the candle out and make a wish, she managed this with the able help of William. Then came the cutting of this work of art and Granny Annie was served a modest slice to taste. Delicately she nibbled the cake in her very wise, well brought up, delicate, traditional way. Then to the amazement and horror of all concerned, Granny Annie coughed and spluttered, and breathed her last. 

Copyright  ©  Written by John Yeo All rights reserved

Zig zag


by John Yeo


The seagulls flying high above the landscape were free to ride the thermal currents. The powerful eyes of the hunters were ever on the lookout for food, in the waters or on the land below. Food is their universal reason to scour the skies and seas to survive. Marking out the hunting territory, they would zig-zag across the sky-scape, ever vigilant for morsels to consume, or take to their families in the home nests. Guarding their piece of sky to protect the food supply from hungry gull intruders. Zig-zagging backwards and forwards, creating patterns in the sky.  The gull heaven.

Copyright  © Written by John Yeo All rights reserved