The edge of the frame~ Waterfront, River Mersey Liverpool


We often take  photographs of perfect strangers.

Go to your photo library take the first picture you come to with a stranger in the frame and tell their story.


by John Yeo


This photograph of the waterfront of the River Mersey  shows the famous Three Graces, three beautiful buildings . On the  left is the famous Liver building, home of the Royal Liver assurance group. Liver refers to the two liver birds perched on each end of the building. Rumour has it that if one of the liver birds ever flies away, Liverpool would no longer exist. The other two architectural “Graces” are the Cunard buildings and the wonderful Port of Liverpool building.

I snapped this picture using my iPad when Margaret and I took a short train ride from Manchester, when we were visiting our daughter Helen, in May.

On the edges of the view of the buildings there are quite a few strangers bustling around the waterfront.

Take the four young women in the foreground, they look like office workers on a lunch break, rushing back to work. They could be four friends on a visit to the city of Liverpool chasing the past and searching for memorabilia of the famous rock and roll stars to take home for their parents.

The interesting young lady with a shoulder bag in the front of the picture is going to be the subject of my story. I will call her Marina, a very well liked person, out for lunch, with her three friends, all students from Liverpool University. Marina is studying History with a view to becoming a teacher , she is in her final year and is fascinated by the architectural wonders around the waterfront. Enjoying the company, the sunshine, a wonderful lunch with her friends, Marina is well aware that her student days are ending and the harsh stressful reality of teaching in a modern school, will soon set in.

Then the winning lottery ticket was purchased and her life did alter. ~~~



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Unlikely Pairing~ Curry and Chips~


By John Yeo

Hot spicy curry and chipped potatoes. The traditional accompaniment to hot spicy curry would be rice, I have never particularly liked rice as I find the taste bland. One day I was torn between a takeaway curry and rice, or traditional fish and chips. I decided to try a little of each and to everyones astonishment, I ordered curry and chips. From that day forward, a new dish to tickle my taste buds was put together. Multi-ethnic-heaven! Whenever I get the opportunity to marry these two cultural delights together I take the opportunity and indulge. Heaven served on a plate.

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