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By John Yeo

Egyptologists have searched for centuries for the ancient knowledge that has been lost since the pyramids were constructed and erected by primitive peoples with little or no technology. The science of the time passed down orally through the religious leaders over centuries, was never written until various holy men began to write some of the precious knowledge.
Hearsay and legend reported a mysterious, very elderly lady in possession of a magical book of very rare information passed from mouth to mouth, then recorded on papyrus scrolls. An amazing discovery of some surviving scrolls led to the premature deaths of the finders, reportedly from the effects of a very potent curse.
The lady who was the wife of one of these intrepid explorers, came into possession of two of these rare scrolls and she was brave enough to have them published, in the form of a small innocuous black book. The original scrolls mysteriously vanished at the printers.
Now in hiding from mysterious dark forces, keen to gain possession of the forbidden knowledge, the lady lived in a palatial residence, situated on a swampy oasis that was considered very safe from the attentions of the invaders.
A very sad first mistake, one eventful day a rider arrived with a message from friends warning her to be on guard, as a very powerful undercover organisation known as the Society of the Black Scarab was very close to finding her.
Fear spread through her household and three trusted servants vanished never to be seen or heard of again. Fatima remained loyal to her lady, although vulnerable and open to attack from all sides, they remained in the mansion and sent Fatima’s son to get help.
Night fell and silence descended on the oasis. The occasional cry of an animal or a beast on the prowl was all that broke the silence of that lonely hostile place.
Riders were heard approaching fast, the two ladies breathed with relief, help had arrived just in time. A voice interrupted the natural punctuated silence. “Allow us in we are here to help! Open up!”
Realisation set in, this was not help, but the dangerous thugs from the society after the valuable little black book.
The two frightened ladies grabbed the book and ran out into the night through the rear entrance heading silently into the swampy oasis.
Tragedy followed, as the brave lady carrying the book of cursed secrets, stepped directly into a marshy quicksand and began to sink in the sandy mud. Fatima and the bandits could only watch in horror as she was slowly sucked into the earth to her death. The last visible signs of a brave lady was her hand clutching the cursed book until they both disappeared from view, sucked into the bowels of the earth. The curse of the forbidden knowledge had claimed another victim.


Copyright  ©  Written by John Yeo~ All  rights reserved


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