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A wet walk by the lake


imageThere was a heavy dew soaking the green grass on the way down to the lake. The wild rabbits were around, early feeders, greedily eating the grass and taking in the moisture. Dawn was breaking and the light surreal as the sun was obscured by clouds that had a pink tinge. image

Some duck families who were swimming and foraging in the lake, seemed totally unconcerned by the presence of an alien in their midst, taking photographs. imageimage

Mallards feeding and curiously swimming near the edge of the lake.


Suddenly there was a noisy shake, and a fluttery whirr of huge wings, as a startled heron flew up from the banks of the lake, then high above the water to safety. He was far too quick for me to get the camera focussed.


Then I came across this Egyptian Goose perched on the back of a bench obviously keeping a eye open for predators as his family were foraging not very far away.image

The baby Egyptian Geese foraging around the stones.image

These two showing almost typical aggression.image

Mum sitting on a wall keeping a close eye open for danger.


Even playing on the chess board~ Check-mate.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved.

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