For today’s prompt, write a framily poem. That’s not a typo. I’m thinking framily: friends and family (you know, like Sprint’s framily phone plan?). Okay, it’s a little silly using the word “framily,” but when have I avoided silly? Write a poem that involves (or is inspired by) your friends and family. Everyone should have a good story to tell, whether it’s funny, sad, serious, etc.


By John Yeo


The coach sped through the dark night,

We were on the way to grieve,

Sadness had gripped the dying embers

When Grandfather passed away.


Many people gathered to mourn his flight,

To wish him well, now he had taken his leave.

The get-together, the homily, everyone remembers.

A fine man with his humorous way.


Friends and family gathered, to respect his wishes.

A solemn occasion, the priest began to read

These words were his testament from beyond,

Addressed to us all as we waited.


My dear friends and family, I have no issues,

To leave. I love you all and I say God-speed!

Be as happy as I was, I love you together,

MY FRAMILY, I love you all still.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo~ All rights reserved.

Velvet Verbosity ~ 100 word challenge

This post is a response to this weeks 100 word challenge by


All my friends liked Miss Lawson, the music teacher, she formed the school choir. I had a very melodic boyish treble voice, and I was chosen to sing several solo pieces of music, much to my delight. We had a very important performance, as I started to sing my solo, my voice suddenly became very hoarse and gruff. This ended my singing career in the choir, as my voice began to break and I developed a very deep double bass voice that bordered on sandpaper grinding on metal. Then Jazz made me a singer again with a voice like Satchmo.

Copyright © ~ Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved

The 100 Word Challenge is to tell a story in only 100 words. This week’s theme is “Gruff“