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Five Senses of Wistful Thinking


By John Yeo


What do you want most in the world?
The sage old Guru asked, when I met him for lunch in the college refectory.
I pondered for a few seconds, my mind racing over the many possible answers to his question.
I began to think and value the things I already have. My lovely wife and our happy relationship, our simple lifestyle that we already value so much
Our family, I would want them all to be very healthy and happy in their unique individual ways. Good health for the rest of our lives would come top of the list for both Margaret and myself. Enough to eat and an absence of thirst would also be there, along with the peace of mind that comes with freedom from worry and stress. The peace that comes from valuing one another and respecting each others opinion and point of view, would certainly be there sharing the top spot of any answer to a most wanted requirement from life.

SIGHT~ Globally, I would like to see, Peace all over the world. Nations living side-by-side, with freedom from fear. Accepting each other in friendship. An impossible dream? Perhaps.

SOUND~ I would like to hear the silence, following the fiinal cessation of the bombing of the innocents. Then the birds singing the dawn chorus in Spring.

SMELL~ I would like to smell the scented Spring flowers in my garden and the smell of a newly mowed lawn. Masking the imagined stench of death and bloodshed, that is the present reality in many parts of the world.

TOUCH~ I would like to feel and touch the raindrops, falling on our skin as we drink the fresh water from a Spring shower. Washing away the fear of sudden death from war or sickness or famine.

TASTE~ I would relish the taste of very cold clear fresh water that has flowed from a mountain stream to nourish the earth. Then the taste of the fruits and food that spring from the clear refreshing rain. I would taste the salt in the tears that are shed for the lack of understanding in this world where many people go hungry and die of thirst.

What do I want most in this world?~



Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved

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