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HOLD The…………..

by John Yeo


Many passengers sharing a long-haul flight across the globe.
A darkened atmosphere.
Day turned into night.

An undercurrent of sound.
A babble,
A torrent of voices in a vacuum.
What is under discussion.

A flood of unidentified thought,
Mostly inconsequential,
Minds deprived.
Stimulus provided by a small screen in front of the eyes.

To a highly gifted sensitive mind,
Deprived of sensory stimulus,
Are these telepathic thoughts, voiced?
Or are they vocalised undercurrents?

Sitting in a cramped row of seats
In front of an illuminated screen,
Time drags on.
The sound continues unabated.
Sound delivered through a headset.


Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo, All rights reserved.

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