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Photograph by Steve Rosset titled ‘Nature’s Surprise’

The Seeds of Release

by John Yeo

 My very good friend Peter is a Botanist, we spent 5 years in college at the same time where we became very close friends. I studied Medicine and Natural Sciences. We were both keenly interested in Botany and the undiscovered plants hidden deep in the Brazilian rainforest. My father is an industrialist and decided to fund an expedition to allow Peter and I to follow our dreams, for a share of any profits.
 We arrived in Brazil, where we met a man named Luiz, who we took to, immediately. He was a native from the rainforest and he offered to be our guide and expedition leader, and help us get the expedition together. In the name of Science, we made the trip into the depths of the rainforest to search for medicinal plants.
 Luiz was an expert on the rainforest folk lore and we trekked for miles through the almost impenetrable jungle. We reached a distant village, that looked like a permanent camp-site, after many days of onerous travelling. We met with much danger on our travels and survived.
 As we approached the village a poisonous snake suddenly pounced from the trees above and bit one of our bearers in the face. The shaman from the tribe, was summoned, and quickly arrived and produced an unusual hairy pod full of shiny seeds, he quickly ordered the bearer to swallow one of the seeds. Following this the injured man lay very still. We were enthralled.
 “These are the seeds of despair”, he proffered the strange hairy pod open and full of round shiny seeds.
 “The seeds of despair, whenever the mind is sad or in a black abyss, these seeds will chase the illness away”.
 We were overcome with joy, here was a cure for depression. The black dog that affects so many people in the Western world.
 The wise old shaman then went on to say these wonderful seeds would cure the effects of memory loss and the slow deterioration of the old and aged people.
 We could not believe the implications of taking home a cure for Alzheimers disease.
The learned shaman then began to speak of another world where happiness reigns and sickness and death no longer matter.
These magical seeds bring instant transportation, and a very quick passage to heaven, where the cure is complete.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo, All rights reserved.

Memories of Schooldays


by John Yeo

The day is here, Mum is near.

I can hardly suppress a tear

My uniform is new and clean

Off to attend my very first day

In the Junior school.


We don’t go far, in Dad’s car.

My Mum called me a star.

Concrete playground drab and drear

Many children going my way

To the Junior school.


Dad says goodbye, I will not cry

I make a friend and by and by

The bell goes and the teacher arrives

With a smile. “Hello! I’m Miss Prim

Here in the Junior school.


An oblong block,

Then a chalk-filled duster

Both throw up clouds of chalky dust.

Inkwell and dipping-pen with

Blotting paper that soaks up inky blobs.

A wooden desk with an inkwell

Initials gouged in the lid.

Silence as the register is called

Before the lesson begins.

My thoughts stray from the subject.

Until with a blunt request.

“What do you think, boy?”

I feel flustered and I bluster,

“I am not too sure, Miss”

I daren’t reveal my thoughts.

“Go to the back of the class”

“Stupid boy!”


Copyright © ~ Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved