Five sentences on~~ “FALLING”

This is the latest prompt from Lillie McFerrin~



by John Yeo

The tension builds among the sky-divers as the aeroplane cuts through a cloud filled, steel blue sky.
Mentally checking through the procedure, with the final thought, has the chute been packed correctly?
Suddenly, with a whoosh of air the fuselage door is unlocked and open, revealing a panoramic view of the countryside below.
Go, go, go, then the leap into space and the air, with the exhilaration flooding through the mind as the fall begins.
The cord is pulled, the chute opens, and the slow steady falling to earth begins, falling  through the clouds to the earth below.



Written by John Yeo © all rights reserved

Velvet Verbosity ~ 100 Word Challenge ~~ Jester



by John Yeo ©

Michael had a reputation for fun and laughter, everybody loved his sense of humour and went along with him in his merriment. Often when we were down in the dumps, an off-the-cuff remark from Michael would lift our spirits to new heights. His brand of humour was not a bullying, vindictive cruel variety, all the laughs were gained by pure quick-wit, from unusual situations. There was another side to Michael that he never displayed.. A deeply sad thoughtful side. He struggled desperately to keep this sad side under control. The jester played the joker, to trump the face of despair.

Written in response to the 100 word challenge from Verbal Verbosity~~ JESTER



This is the latest Picture it and Write prompt from Ermilia’s blog.
As always the image is provided and credited  by Ermilia


Photograph by Steve Rosset titled ‘Nature’s Surprise’

The Seeds of Release

by John Yeo

 My very good friend Peter is a Botanist, we spent 5 years in college at the same time where we became very close friends. I studied Medicine and Natural Sciences. We were both keenly interested in Botany and the undiscovered plants hidden deep in the Brazilian rainforest. My father is an industrialist and decided to fund an expedition to allow Peter and I to follow our dreams, for a share of any profits.
 We arrived in Brazil, where we met a man named Luiz, who we took to, immediately. He was a native from the rainforest and he offered to be our guide and expedition leader, and help us get the expedition together. In the name of Science, we made the trip into the depths of the rainforest to search for medicinal plants.
 Luiz was an expert on the rainforest folk lore and we trekked for miles through the almost impenetrable jungle. We reached a distant village, that looked like a permanent camp-site, after many days of onerous travelling. We met with much danger on our travels and survived.
 As we approached the village a poisonous snake suddenly pounced from the trees above and bit one of our bearers in the face. The shaman from the tribe, was summoned, and quickly arrived and produced an unusual hairy pod full of shiny seeds, he quickly ordered the bearer to swallow one of the seeds. Following this the injured man lay very still. We were enthralled.
 “These are the seeds of despair”, he proffered the strange hairy pod open and full of round shiny seeds.
 “The seeds of despair, whenever the mind is sad or in a black abyss, these seeds will chase the illness away”.
 We were overcome with joy, here was a cure for depression. The black dog that affects so many people in the Western world.
 The wise old shaman then went on to say these wonderful seeds would cure the effects of memory loss and the slow deterioration of the old and aged people.
 We could not believe the implications of taking home a cure for Alzheimers disease.
The learned shaman then began to speak of another world where happiness reigns and sickness and death no longer matter.
These magical seeds bring instant transportation, and a very quick passage to heaven, where the cure is complete.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo, All rights reserved.

Memories of Schooldays


by John Yeo

The day is here, Mum is near.

I can hardly suppress a tear

My uniform is new and clean

Off to attend my very first day

In the Junior school.


We don’t go far, in Dad’s car.

My Mum called me a star.

Concrete playground drab and drear

Many children going my way

To the Junior school.


Dad says goodbye, I will not cry

I make a friend and by and by

The bell goes and the teacher arrives

With a smile. “Hello! I’m Miss Prim

Here in the Junior school.


An oblong block,

Then a chalk-filled duster

Both throw up clouds of chalky dust.

Inkwell and dipping-pen with

Blotting paper that soaks up inky blobs.

A wooden desk with an inkwell

Initials gouged in the lid.

Silence as the register is called

Before the lesson begins.

My thoughts stray from the subject.

Until with a blunt request.

“What do you think, boy?”

I feel flustered and I bluster,

“I am not too sure, Miss”

I daren’t reveal my thoughts.

“Go to the back of the class”

“Stupid boy!”


Copyright © ~ Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved

Velvet Verbosity~~100 word Challenge~ “CLOAK”

A Cloak of Ignorance

by John Yeo

The day was beautiful, sunshine in mid-Spring, with life in abundance.
We met to discus the future of books and the threat of the electronice devices that would inevitably make the printed word redundant.
Suddenly a voice from the audience  boomed.  “If you trust the bulk of your words to machines, to the flick of a switch, then the words are vulnerable to energy supplies.”
Magically a  cloak of darkness descended on the gathering and the countryside around.
Day was turned into night.
Unexpected, unheralded , a total eclipse of the sun.
A sign of the return of the dark ages?

Written by John Yeo in response to a prompt by Verbal Verbosity

All rights reserved ©


5 ~ sentences on the word ~ HORIZON

This is in my response to the latest five Sentence Fiction from Lillie McFerrin ~~~


by John Yeo ©


Picture credited by Ermlia ~ picture it and write


The road approached the distant horizon, lit up, charged with particles of dust that reflected in shocking grey and pink, clouds of ash from the fire.

Intense heat mingled with and highlighted the acrid smell of smoke and burning vegetation as the wildfire took hold and built up speed with the spread of the flames.

Suddenly we became aware of hundreds of animals furiously racing alongside the road desperately trying to outrun the scorching destruction, the smell of burning flesh was intolerable.

I put my foot hard down on the throttle, stamping hard to the floor of the vehicle, attempting to squeeze more speed from the engine as I tried to outrun the spread of the flames.

I realised this was a part of the new order of the raging destruction and  excessive heat generated by the global warming caused by the thoughtless greed of humanity.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo. All rights reserved

Picture it and Write~~BREAKDOWN!

This is the latest Picture it and write prompt from Ermilia’s Blog


As usual the picture is supplied by Ermilia, and credited to Photo by mancity,


Written by John Yeo


A very smooth journey, so far,

Much to our delighted surprise.

The aircraft was in very good shape,

Except for the occasional rattle.

A very smooth flight coming here,

Touch down smoothly, my fears subside.


Our hired car was not so great,

A banger that had seen many a battle.

A really good scenic route by car,

Through the hot dry desert, how time flies.

A rattle, a bang, then sad to relate,

Smoke is pouring from an engine baffle.


We have broken down, very far

From the nearest town of any size,

We can only sit in the car and wait

The heat intense, we share the water bottle.

A convoy arrives and the leading car

Stops to help and to offer a ride


Our prayers are answered, we hesitate

To think there is danger in the offer.

Then beaten and robbed by the thugs

We are stripped of all we possess.

Then left stranded in the desert

Death comes as no surprise. Slowly.


Re-awakening in the hospital,

I lie awake from my dream and decide,

I must question the doctor about the state,

Of my mind since my nervous breakdown.


Copyright © Written by John Yeo. All rights reserved


Shades of Hunger

Lillie McFerrin~Five Sentence Fiction~ Prompt word ~ HUNGER


Young Billy was enduring shopping with his Mum, in the mall, and he could hardly wait to eat.

Mkabwe went hunting in the bush, with his Dad looking for food, anything the family could eat.

Hurry up Mum, I’m starving, said Billy rubbing his stomach, we always have a McDonalds here.

Mkabwe picked up a grub from the dusty floor of a dry river bed, no water flowed, he had not eaten for two days.

Both boys from different worlds know hunger in different ways.


Written by John Yeo (c)


Picture it and Write~~The River of Peace.

This is the latest Picture it and write prompt from Ermilia’s Blog


As usual the picture is supplied and credited to Nikita Gill by Emilia

The River of Peace

by John Yeo

Magically the river of forgetfulness will take all our troubles away. Trouble will float from our side of the river to your side. To balance this we will receive candles from your side containing all your troubles, then blow the flames out. This will destroy the evil and send your troubles away. I light my candle with hope, I fill the flames with my despair. I float the candle to you over there. Knowing you will blow it out and disperse my troubles with the wind. I will receive your candle with a prayer, Then blow your troubles away.

Copyright (c) ~ Written by John Yeo  ~ All rights reserved.


5 ~ sentences on the word ~ CONFUSION


Nature in a confused un-natural state

by John Yeo

Two years ago during a very fierce storm, the strong winds blew a beautiful flowering Nectarine tree over. The roots were still firmly planted deep in the soil where they continued to nourish the tree. This year the tree burst into flower in Spring. The heavily scented flowers covered the branches over the prone tree as it lay on the ground still alive and thriving. The confused wild birds, attracted by the heavily scented perfume, flew down to feed from the confused tree, still alive and growing strongly, lying on the ground.


Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo  All rights reserved