Velvet Verbosity~100 Word Challenge~Write 100 words on the word “Dewy”


by John Yeo

6am start today. Keen to finish the work I have planned on my allotment, I decide to break my normal habits and cut across the fields. There has been a very early mist and the grass is covered with dewy droplets of water. I am not the first person to cross this field, there is a trail of someone else’s footprints and I unconsciously follow these tracks. Up ahead, I notice a figure slumped in the grass. I approach with caution and discover Walter our farmers hand lying in the damp grass, collapsed and unable to move. I dial 999.

Dewy tracks

Image from the net

Written by John Yeo © In response to a prompt by Velvet Verbosity to write 100 words on the word dewy.