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By John Yeo

We were exploring the remote dense African jungle, My colleagues and I had  a grant from our university to search for rare medicinal plants. Suddenly we were confronted with a raging torrent of water, a tributary to a very large river. There was no way around this obstacle. To continue our journey we would have to find a way across.
Then our local guide shimmied up a very large Baobab tree. Perched on a branch he made a very loud piercing whistling call, many times.
Shortly after a fleet of canoes arrived to ferry us to the other side.


©  Written by John Yeo, in response to a prompt by Velvet Verbosity to write 100words on the word PERCHED


2 thoughts on “Velvet-Verbosity~100-word-challenge~Write-100-words-on-the-word~~PERCHED~~

  1. There’s the bones of a good tale of adventure here. I wonder if you can work on “showing” things that reveal emotions, mood, tone – were these colleagues tired? Frustrated? Scared? Excited? All of the above? How can you weave that in without saying, “my colleagues and I were tired”? That’s my challenge to you this week. 😉

    • VV~~I was unable to respond earlier as I have been out of range of a signal for three weeks ~ I will take up your interesting challenge when time permits ~ Thanks for your interest

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