“A Rude Awakening”~~~by John Yeo

LETHARGIC~ BLUNT~ DRUNK Three Word Wednesday Write something based on and including these three words


A Rude Awakening

by John Yeo

The day was murky.  and grey, I felt out of the rhythm and flow of life. There was no question about it, I was feeling lazy and very lethargic. I stumbled on a loose paving stone, Tripped and fell As unsteady in body as I was in mind. A kindly passer-by helped me up to gain my balance. “Don’t worry dear we all get drunk now and again!” Shocked, I snapped. “Thank-you for your unthoughtful words! I don’t drink!” Then I was sorry for being so blunt, Without thought or gratitude for her help. I apologised and she smiled. Somehow I was not feeling lethargic any more. Very sharp and thoughtful.

© Written by John Yeo All rights reserved