This is the latest Picture it and Write prompt from Ermilia’s blog.
As always the image is provided and credited by Ermilia~Resin stacking rings by daimblond

Ermilia~ Rings


by John Yeo

 Micro science was radically altering the way of life of the Human race. This amazing blend of physics and science, moulded to new discoveries in the fields of psychology and biology, led to many new discoveries that were still unfolding. Waves of the new power obtained from the elusive dark matter that surrounds us all in the new dimension, allowed the Human race to achieve miracles with new scientific advances. Enormous amounts of knowledge could be stored in tiny rings that were archives which could be accessed simply by thought power, allowing instant access to the answers to many fields of enquiry. The thought rings were distributed to all young people when they reached the age of thirteen, where they replaced the old-fashioned education system.

 Dickus was a rogue scientist who developed a secret control ring, that would be able to control the thoughts of everyone wearing a thought ring. In a slow insidious way he became master of the ringed society, and immediately ordered all children to be ringed at birth with the developmment  of new materials that would expand wlth time and growth. A new God was worshipped as Dickus was both cruel and ruthless in his use of these limitless powers. One day an alien spacecraft arrived and landed in the newly created lush green forest that was once the Sahara desert. The aliens were returning Human spacemen and their families who had been travelling around the outer reaches of the known universe for centuries. Dickus could see danger and began to create weapons to wipe out the newcomers, who of course did not wear thought control rings. Dickus invited the leaders of the space families to his palace, to commune with them about the wonders of the rings, with their access to vast stores of unlimited knowledge. The sage old leader who could see many zombie-like people, obedient to Dickus’s every command, refused. Drawing his old fashioned ray-gun, he shot and killed the dictator, cut his finger off and threw both finger and ring into the deepest part of the ocean. The body of this evil monster was then publicly burned never to return. The population immediately woke from their enforced trance and removed the thought control rings. New methods of learning and culture were developed and many years of happy contentment followed.

Meanwhile in a remote laboratory in a cave hidden deep in the rockiest mountains, a cryogenically stored clone of Dickus stirred, as a computer generated robot began to adjust the temperature.

(to be continued)


Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved



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