Picture it and write ~~ His Best Friend

This is the latest Picture it and Write prompt from Ermilia’s blog.
As always the image is provided and credited by Ermilia

petals on a bench

by John Yeo

 He sat on a bench in the orchard, savouring the beauty of a magical spring. The blossom from the tree above drifted down on him as his thoughts drifted over the sad news that had hit him like a sledge-hammer. 
 He smiled inwardly as he contrasted the gentle brush of the falling petals on his skin with the thought of a brutal sledge-hammer. The news had been devastating, ripping through his mind and tearing his world apart. He knew life would never, could never, be the same again. Less than a year, the specialist had said, he could not suppress a tear, then he was suddenly sobbing uncontrollably. 
 Why? They had been inseparable, never seen apart, very good friends from day one. Then his trusty four-legged friend slowly hobbled towards him and gently placed his paws on his knees. Looking up at him with soulful eyes, he licked his masters hand as if to say: Good-bye is never really Good-bye. Suppressing the tears, he patted and smoothed his faithful friend’s fur, then stroked the old dogs head. The petals continued to fall, covering the bench and the ground below the seat as living tears.