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Magic on the Moor

Three Word Wednesday
Write something based on and including these three words



by John Yeo

As he began his search, the darkness descended very quickly on the moor. It was very misty and it quickly became almost impossible to see the path ahead.
He became more and more worried about Sarah, who had stormed off out into the night, from their isolated cottage on the moor, after a tiff. He turned on the flashlight and found the glaring beam reflected the light back at him from the thick mist that enveloped everything on both sides of the path. Suddenly he tripped over a log on the path. His heart started beating very fast as he realised he had stumbled over soft flesh, then he realised he had stumbled over a body lying aross the path.
“Sarah”! He shouted, when he recognised her red hair and her face became visible.
“David” she murmured, as she stirred, “I tripped and fell and I have hurt my leg”.
“Thank God you are alive!” He exclaimed, “Let me help you home.”
He put his arms around her, holding her up with his shoulder. They hobbled back along the path to the warmth of the cottage.

Written by John Yeo (c) ~ All rights reserved


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