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Death Chimes ~ Velvet Verbosity ~100 word challenge

Velvet Verbosity is a 100 word challenge. Today’s word is CHIMES




by John Yeo


The family had heard the chimes, chiming for them six times.

Mary and her family lived in fear of the death chimes.

Many neighbours and friends were dying and it was very difficult to avoid leaving the house for food.

People were fleeing fast, moving away from the area, spreading the plague.

There were robbers, looters and killers, very few police were alive.

The biggest fear of everyone was to hear the bell on the death cart.

The bodies were piled high on the death cart as the loaded cart left for mass graves.

The bell may chime for thee!

(100 words)


Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved


2 thoughts on “Death Chimes ~ Velvet Verbosity ~100 word challenge

  1. Good story. The term “bell ringer” came from that period I believe. Once buried, a bell was left outside the coffin and a cord inside. If the “dead” person woke up they pulled the cord to indicate they were indeed not dead.


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