Three Word Wednesday
Write something based on and including these three words



by John Yeo

The tension in the room had been slowly building to a crescendo. The news had had a devastating effect on the assembled directors and creative money men. The fantastic news had been leaked in advance, air was the new force that would drive everything in the future. Electric power was now redundant as were all the associated fuels and gasses that had previously kept the wheels of life turning.
The presenter was very passionate about his subject. Air, ordinary free air will provide endless power for everything in the future, at the touch of a button air would now produce endless supplies of power. A tiny alteration in the ingredients that make up fresh air is all that is required and the piped results would make up a free miracle fuel.
This bombshell provoked a very savage unexpected reaction from certain sections of the audience, particularly among the fuel and oil industry. This will affect many, many people, jobs and employment in our industries will be wiped out. Savagely demanding that this breakthrough should be hidden and buried, never to be heard of again.
Too late replied the presenter, the genie is now out of the lamp, a lamp that will in future be powered by fresh air.

Copyright (c) ~ Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved