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by HelloLanaya

As always the image is provided and credited by Ermilia


by John Yeo

Peter and Paul were very close, brothers who took care of each other.
Since their miracle birth, their lives were entwined,
joined at the hip, a part of each other.
The separation operation, was a very risky affair.
After many hours under the surgeons knives,
they woke to a world living separate lives.  
Separate souls with separate brains and separate personalities.
They have lived together all their lives,
competing and laughing with one another.
In the face of danger they stood together, mostly fighting each other,
Peer pressure to be unique was always very strong.
Mum and Dad washed their hands of the brothers at a very early age.
Peter and Paul at Uni. met a very pretty girl who was Mary.
They both fell violently in love.
Mary was flattered, very astute , she never returned their hints.
One day the brothers were locked in combat over Mary’s obvious charms.
“Stop! before you hurt each other,
I love you both equally, you will always be precious to me!”
Peter looked at Paul with mistrust in his eye and hatred in his heart,
“If what she says is true brother
perhaps we should never have been cut apart.”
Paul responded with a gentle remark.
“Brother and friend, be happy with Mary,
I am happy to be unique and free,
I am happy to be me! “

Copyright © Written by John Yeo ~ All rights reserved