Sheltering ~ 100 word challenge ~ Velvet Verbosity



by John Yeo

Wandering through town, soaking up the sights, wonderful architecture reflecting the opulance of the recent past. Museums, fine art galleries, imposing statues and severe civic centre buildings. The snow was falling thick and fast, covering everywhere in a film of clean white powdery flakes. I tripped over a pair of legs portruding from a shop doorway. “Oi!” came a voice from within the spacious doorway. “I beg your pardon my friend”. The smell of alcohol, was intense, pouring from the doorway mingling with a pile of vomit on the pavement. “Why are you here?” “Just sheltering from a stormy life”

100 words in response to the latest challenge

on the word “Once”

Written by John Yeo © Copyright all rights reserved