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Creative Expressions ~ Write on opposite concepts~


by John Yeo

The gardener leaned on his spade
Looked at the scientist with disdain,
“As I stand on this life-filled Earth,
One pinch of garden soil
About a gram in weight
Contains millions of bacteria.
Several thousand species not
Known to science.”


The physicist adjusted his lens,
“As I look up at the life-filled sky
With the multiverse of pinpoints of light,
Each tiny dot in the sky could contain
Many varieties of life in many forms,
Then the unexplained dark matter
That is invisible never seen,
Is a puzzle to us all”


The gardener grinned at the scientist,
“I have dark matter here that nourishes the soil
and helps the crops to grow.
If your dark matter does the same job
Who is responsible for producing it?
My dark matter is converted waste
Until it is recycled on the land”


The scientist grinned and replied
“There is a God!”

Copyright (c) Written by John Yeo~ All rights reserved

6 thoughts on “EARTH and SKY

  1. This was a beautiful response to the prompt, John. I love the contrasts you have drawn and the final two lines that sum it all up. Lovely imagery used. Well written!

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